Private Cloud

Private Cloud

Managed Private Cloud is the reliable and dynamic solution from Bluella that delivers all the cloud computing benefits of best-in class infrastructure technology.

Get your business on the course to success with Bluella’s Cloud Services. We assist you in building, optimizing and running cloud environments. With our cloud strategy and cloud migration services, we can minimize cost and cut out risks while improving security.

Our experienced resources can mobilize mainframes, servers, private and public clouds for effective business growth. With the help of our modern operating models, we manage your complex cloud migration strategies to build and optimize cloud for the unique needs of your business. We utilise our deep cloud expertise and expert automation services to help maintain your business infrastructure, for relentless success.

With our cloud solutions we help businesses to reduce IT resource requirements and improve productivity, while lowering costs. Our customer-centric assistance team offers expert assistance to clients with our updated and bespoke computing services, tools and applications that include, but are not limited to servers, storage, databases, networking, software, apps, and many more. With cloud adoption, your business becomes more agile and adaptive to any changing market scenario. We enable them to take the right business decision and maximize their Return on Investment (ROI). The IT industry is ever evolving. Keeping with the times, Bluella is equipped with industry relevant applications which are easily accessible and is up to date for faster and more agile cloud-based platforms. Bluella provides your business with cloud-based solutions that are fully integrated and automated through application layers. Our cloud services include SAP and managed container services for optimized business applications. Building and running a cloud operations team can be challenging and requires a cultural and mindset shift towards a new mode of working. Bluella team of experts provide support 24/7 and help solve any issues coming in runtime. 

Analytics service
Analytics service

DevOps puts new skills into action by addressing the traditional conflict of interest between development and operations and encourages collaboration amongst teams.With our expert staff, Bluella helps you implement a world-class DevOps workflow for your business- whether you are just starting out or are already applying DevOps principles.We incorporate best practices and cloud native development by reviewing your application portfolio, business impact, technical risks, and the path to DevOps. We then provide you with a comprehensive report addressing the gaps in your process.With a tailored DevOps environment provided for you that fits in with your development and delivery practices, we provide continuous monitoring service.

Managed DevOps

Get tailored DevOps platforms for your business that runs on highly reliable and scalable cloud infrastructure. We have an experienced team that monitors and supports the day-to-day operations of your business application platform 24×7.


Regular Workshops and Assessment

We provide regular DevOps technology workshops and a DevOps Platform and Practices Assessment for familiarizing you with our services and to evaluate your development environment.

Personalized Services Round-The-Clock

We provide round-the-clock assistance for managing, changing, or scaling your development and operations business platform.


Managed Detection and Response for Correction and Protection

With the increase in the number, intensity, and sophistication of cyber attacks every year, there has been a rise in the need to overcome and subdue these new threats that require more sophisticated and integrated solutions.

Bluella security experts will work closely with you to understand your business needs and offer you the flexibility to choose the most appropriate level of protection for all your assets that ensure you have optimal security coverage for your business that balances risk and investment.

Secure Hybrid Cloud and Improved Multi-cloud Solutions

Compete effortlessly with modernized IT solutions to give your edge the winning edge. Move your business workloads, applications or infrastructure components to the cloud without compromising on the security and stability of existing environments.

Our Bluella experts provide you with technological expertise with proven successes in cloud migration that provide modern and improved cloud solutions for your business with minimal disruption.

We provide virtual private cloud space, hybrid cloud management, and multi-cloud solutions for improved security, standardized governance, controlled expenses, and simplified multi-cloud environment management.


Multi-cloud made simple

Different clouds work in different capacities and have their own strengths and weaknesses. With Bluella, keep your options open across public, multi-cloud, hybrid, and on-premise cloud environments.

Protect Customer Data

Protection of customer data with strong encryption is a security best practice and a business ethic for you to maintain.

Bluella partners with SaaS Providers for easier encryption to enable your business to serve your customers with more confidence knowing their data is safe.


Benefits of partnering with us

  • Consistent policies across multiple clouds.
  • Visibility across your entire network infrastructure.
  • Balanced workloads across separate public and private clouds.