IT outsourcing

IT Outsourcing

Providing an innovative delivery framework for long-term management, maintenance and enhancement of custom or packaged applications, environments and test suites.
Outsource Your IT Requirements to Us (2)

Outsource Your IT Requirements to Us

With Bluella IT Outsourcing services, you get fast, reliable, optimized and secure systems at a fraction of a cost. We assist in simplifying your current infrastructure management to provide a modernized IT that includes moving huge chunks to the cloud.

Our expert staff is equipped with the latest tools and techniques that aid in lower operating costs by up a considerable margin. Our advanced AI automation capabilities ensure smooth optimization of your IT investments.

With our services rest assured of the protection and care of your data center, storage, network, mainframe and business continuity needs along with asset ownership solutions.

Why Outsource?

  • To optimize the quality and cost-effectiveness of IT operations in your business
  • For streamlined infrastructure support
  • To get industry-level quality assurance and cybersecurity services for guaranteed operational stability
  • For migrating in-house IT applications to the cloud and for developing new scalable cloud applications
  • For steady evolution and support of business applications
  • To avail user support and system adoption improvement via help desk services
  • To get access to the latest software development.
  • To get faster feature delivery backed up by test automation
  • For managed analytics and BI support for fast and informed decision making.
  • Enabling digital crisis management and response, employee digital workplace, remote work consulting and improving business productivity
  • To plan and implement digital transformation initiatives
  • For consultation on business operations improvement strategies and how to digitally access them
  • For creation of an IT roadmap that aligns your business initiatives with IT by leveraging technology for favorable business outcomes
  • To delegate designing and implementation of new platform-based solutions tailor-made to improve business processes
Why Outsource

Our IT Outsourcing Services include:

  • Running, maintaining and protecting mission-critical IT assets for more than thousands of medium and large enterprises
  • Supporting various industries including airlines, health and wellness, banking, e-commerce and more
  • Automatically resolve or diagnose incidents with our intelligent automation platform
  • Manage millions of terabyte of storage world over
Wide Network Connectivity Icon

Wide Network Connectivity

We help transform your network connectivity with services that encompass from campus to cloud and everything in between. We provide secure and resilient cloud support with software-defined networking that mitigate technology upgrades and enable you to deliver real time services to a modern workplace.
Maximum Storage and Backup Icon

Maximum Storage and Backup

Get access to your data anytime and anywhere. With your data being handled by experts who have years of experience in managing millions of terabytes of storage around the world. Equipped with our advanced storage and backup solutions, we also help mitigate the impact of a ransomware attack to keep your data safe.
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Mainframe Support

Our large independent mainframe services help in running, optimizing and modernizing your business at affordable pricing.
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Transparent Service Results

With our tangible KPI system that includes increased IT components, and reduced ROI and TCO, you get access to regular reports on the work accomplished, security and performance audit results. Get constant access to our task tracking system and knowledge base, where you get real time updation and documentation of all our processes.
Your Business Won’t Stop Icon

Your Business Won’t Stop

In the event of catastrophes or disasters- both online and offline, our experienced and proven resources will ensure all-round protection of your core business processes for uninterrupted business services.

With more businesses employing work from home options, we help you provide seamless productivity and end-user experience. Depending on the amount of support requirements, our support services extend to your IT team as well. We enable you to address issues before they start impacting your business. With our strong foundation of AI empowerment, machine learning and data analytics, your business will become an industry expert at saving time and increasing availability.

Measurable Solutions to Your IT Outsourcing Icon

Measurable Solutions to Your IT Outsourcing

Our expert Bluella team conducts customised IT outsourcing feasibility analysis for your business to calculate the financial benefits of outsourcing engagement for your particular scenario.
Uninterrupted Communication Icon

Uninterrupted Communication

Bluella provides a seamless communication channel for a successful outsourcing relationship with your business. With our services encompassing industries such as airlines, health and wellness sector, and banking, we know that even the slightest miscommunication can affect lives and finances. Thus, we ensure that the communication lines between us as your IT vendor and your business is not affected.
Excellent Project Management Icon

Excellent Project Management

For excellence in IT services and outsourcing in your business it is necessary for a robust project management system in the first place. We at Bluella provide you with bespoke project management according to your business IT needs.
Seamless Project Delivery Icon

Seamless Project Delivery

We ensure successful project delivery with a seamless delivery process mechanism that is as finely tuned as possible. Our smooth project delivery mechanism ensures that your business performs peak deliverables. We offer our clients the highest standards of quality and excellence.
Data-backed Business Intelligence Icon

Data-backed Business Intelligence

Our state-of-the-art IT outsourcing services help businesses develop, implement, and maintain data gaps, gain unparalleled insight into operations, and facilitate critical data-driven workflows with our data-backed BI strategies and designs.
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Consulting Services

With our industry-level expertise in delivering technology-driven consulting services for our technical and non-technical clients across the world, we harness software consultation across key business domains for refining customer service, automating workflows as well as for increasing overall productivity.