Rethink Security

Bluella security services help organizations stay one step ahead of cybercriminals. Feel more secure than ever.

Bluella’s Security Services

Specifically architected to soak up and mitigate online threats, ranges from spamming, ample bot crawling, malicious attack, DNS poisoning and several denial of service (DOS) attacks. Bluella’s security services ensures high performance of your internet properties. The network resilience is powered by network leaders accross the globe, providing safe and secure DNS.

Bluella’s Security Services
Why bluella security services

Why Bluella’s Security Services ?

Powered by multi-tier network with multiple point of presence (POP) at various locations for optimized security and lightning – fast performance. Bluella’s security services operate at robust architecture, making it possible to faster identify and mitigate cyber threats ensuring superior DNS security, performance and availability across the world. Built in DDoS mitigating at not extra cost.

Make your Business Cyber Resilient with Bluella

Reduce risk and prevent cyber attacks with Bluella. Our expert engineers help detect cyber attacks and build cyber security within your IT environment to prevent any attacks for smooth business operations.

Bluella’s security services assist your business in assessing risks and address all your security environment holistically. From identifying threats to securing compliance, we do it all. With our intelligent automation, proven expertise and bespoke security packages, we cater to your unique security needs for your business.

For Bluella, business security is fundamental. We offer a cyber resilient IT environment that protects your business and related operations. Right from assistance in data migration to the cloud to protecting your data and management of security operations centers, we cover them all so that you can focus on your business.


Why Choose Bluella for Your Security Needs?

Round the clock security management, monitoring, and response time across a global network
Specialised security engineers who will not counsel and advise you on your security blueprint but will also provide the technologies and end-to-end solutions to manage your business
Secure Infrastructure Icon

Secure Infrastructure

With Bluella, you can secure your business applications, cloud, and all your endpoints from cyber attacks tailormade for your business security requirements. Our advanced threat protection solutions take care of the design, installation and integration of your business perimeter, network and endpoints for a safe and compliant environment.
Manage Your Security Risks Icon

Manage Your Security Risks

We help you make better business decisions by mitigating your IT security risks by expanding our security perimeter across any location including remote and home working environments. Bluella IT Security services help you in launching and practicing a risk mitigation and management sturdy framework to support your goals and take care of the risk factors associated with your business.
Protect your Online Presence Icon

Protect your Online Presence

With Bluella, rest assured of duplicate websites, malicious bots and online hackers by verifying the digital identities of anyone who would visit your website or would request access to your data and services. With our full range capabilities that include multi factor authentication, identity management and secure account access grants to safeguard your business.
Defend Your Cyberspace Icon

Defend Your Cyberspace

Protect your business, defend your critical assets and increase visibility with our cyber defence services. Bluella will assist in managing security for your operations and deploy AI automation for protection against network breaches, detect firewall threats and ensure rapid emergency response.
Perform Your Network Functions on the Fly Icon

Perform Your Network Functions on the Fly

Move your network perimeter hardware to the cloud
Bluella would help you relocate your network perimeter to the cloud in order to provide DDoS protection, rapid mitigation, intelligent firewall, traffic acceleration, and more.
Expanding Security Networks Icon

Expanding Security Networks

Bluella does not rely on typical old-school solutions, but keeps on innovating itself to meet the growing security demands in the ever-evolving digital world. With our DDoS protection and traffic acceleration for cloud hosted as well as hybrid networks for secure and reliable business.
Bluella helps protect your entire IP subnets from DDoS attacks, while accelerating network traffic at the same time. Our skilled staff helps mitigate attacks, employ fundamental networking protocols, and safeguard your cloud environments- both on-premise and private.
Decrease your Capital Expenditure Icon

Decrease your Capital Expenditure

We offer operational agility by driving down your Total Cost of Ownership by replacing on-premise hardware with network functions.
Bluella Cyber Defense Icon

Bluella Cyber Defense

With growing threats in cyberspace, businesses now require a more resilient security and cyber defense to help ward off any threat. Bluella provides your business with the right monitoring tools and the skills of experienced engineers for any volume of data.
Our experts provide a global network of security operation centers that deliver threat detection and security management in a proactive manner. Our rapid threat response and recovery management help minimize breaches and disruptions.

Key capabilities

Rapid threat response and security breach management services ensure the fastest detection, response and remediations.
Round the clock security management and threat detection services
Intelligent automation services tailor-made for your business that identify potential risks and vulnerabilities
RAG analysis, vulnerability testing, and threat evaluation carried out regularly by our expert staff
Protect your Digital Identity

Protect your Digital Identity

Cyber threats are ever-evolving and breaking down of the traditional defense perimeters pose new risks every day. This has forced businesses to rethink their business strategies to protect their digital identity. Businesses need to manage access to vital data points and protect their digital identities for not just employees but also across clients, locations, and devices. We also assist in delivering bespoke, secure, and simple customer engagement policies.

Bluella provides agile digital identity and manages access services. We deliver successful digital identity plans to fit any business size by elevating your business identity.

Key capabilities

Digital identity capabilities that include multi factor authentication with cloud migration support.
Manage access to data and key applications of customers, stakeholders, and employees.
Manage control of critical accounts, enforce security policies, and ensure cyber compliance from our expert staff
Identify and eliminate security threats with our identity management services that create an efficient and bespoke compliance plan.
Key Capabilities