About Bluella

About Bluella

We Connect to Protect

Who We Are

Achieve your business goals with confidence and reliability with Bluella. We help enterprises globally to achieve ultimate results and profits in their businesses through our IT and Security Services like Business Analytics, Integrations, Mobility, Optimization, Managed DNS, and Cloud Hosting with a strong Content Delivery Network. With Bluella, you can be assured of robust infrastructure with powerful Cloud Computing Technologies, providing stability, security, and reliability. We bring forward a fresh approach of enabling Organizations to achieve their business goals with the help of our latest technologies and smart minds at work. We bring business values to our customers to deliver cost-effective and sustainable solutions that suit your business best. We believe in excellent utilization of resources, capital, and talent to provide leading solutions in the market. We at Bluella assist customers to get ultimate results in their Business through our IT Services. Our vast portfolio of services can cater to all sizes of business models. Our technical expertise combined with the latest technologies helps to deliver as per the customer expectations. In the present market, organizations need technical tools to enable themselves to be more responsive to satisfy their customers. Bluella is handed with the latest tools and technologies to transform your business and bring in new opportunities to grow and make profits.

What we do

Bluella protects your online business, reputation and brand with its Cloud based redundant DNS that mitigates the risk of network/server outages caused by distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. Thanks to Bluella’s DDoS mitigating services which are smart enough to block such attacks resulting your brand protection – without increasing your resources and help minimize any losses.


Why choose us

We protect your organization form cyber threats and help comply with regulations, while providing trust values in our solutions’ with flexibility and ease of use. Bluella provides fast solutions to deploy with multiple strategic deployment options, user friendly manageability, along with fast, secure and reliable Intelligent Networks with built-in security from ground level protection.

How we do it

Bluella optimizes network performance by utilizing robust, cloud-based infrastructure to achieve maximum availability and blazing fast performance. Get maximum global load balancing performance by combining Managed DNS with Advance Traffic Management. Our solutions ensure security, stability and reliability to your business. We also help you to discover assets and risks, and then protect your most valuable information, and the day-to-day data that drives your business.


Our Commitment

At Bluella, we are committed to support and dedicatedly working with you over the long run, helping your organization keep up with growth and make profit. We enable excellent utilization of resources, capital and talent to provide leading solutions in the market – to help you avoid capital expenditures; lowering your company’s total cost of ownership.

Synergically creating better future for all

Bluella is the Cloud Service Provider (CSP) for AWS, Microsoft, OVHcloud & VMWare. We have been providing the following services to their businesses:
Resell Microsoft and AWS services
Azure cloud managed services
AWS cloud managed services
Disaster recovery and storage solutions
Office 365 sales and support
MSSQL enterprise license
Resell more than five thousand licensed based Microsoft softwares
Resell VMWare products like Virtual cloud infrastructure

Our partner ecosystem

Bluella has partnered with some of the best technology companies, worldwide and include industry giants to deliver today’s business outcomes.