Healthcare and Life Sciences

Protect Patient Health Information – Deliver secure and well grounded healthcare services

We strive to help healthcare organizations across the world achieve their goals of providing innovative solutions in their persistence towards offering the best of care. Bluella is equipped with the most innovative and latest expertise to help healthcare organizations to provide the best of comprehensive and cost-effective support to caregivers for improved patient outcomes.

Bluella Healthcare Solutions

Our healthcare technology solutions take care of your requirements from the edge to the core to the stack. With our range of expertise, help to deploy healthcare software’s like EMR/EHR or any other related applications or tools on secure and robust Infrastructure. Protecting applications from electronic web attacks, DDoS, Bad Bots, and fraud. While ensuing Patient data privacy.
We provide the following services at industry-competitive costs and improve digital health solutions in today’s healthcare industry:
A secure cloud that complies with your regulatory obligations.
HIPAA compliant Infrastructures and data protection have been certified ISO 27001, 27017, 27018 and 27701.
Automated analytics tools for advanced healthcare insights.
Securing healthcare applications from malicious bots and attacks.
Cloud services that ensure protecting sensitive patient health information (PHI).
Experience that not just provides the latest technology but also understand legacy environments as well.

One of the industry sectors that dwells heavily on information technology is healthcare. Technology in the healthcare industry is used for hospital management, administration, diagnostics, drug safety, regulatory compliance, research, clinical development, insurance and to support competency centers used by clinics, doctors, scientific medical researchers. To meet the increasing demand of technology in the healthcare industry, IT infrastructure must be seamlessly integrated.

Bluella helps healthcare organization improve in efficiency for an advanced quality of care through innovation and transformation for a technology equipped future. Healthcare institutions have realized that the future belongs to only those who operate on cost effective value model and we leverage our healthcare services to deliver secure, fast, reliable and robust system. Keep patients sensitive data safe, ensuring business continuity.

Bluella healthcare IT services are distinctly positioned due to our extended plethora of solutions, working across the value chain. We provide wide range of secured services that enable healthcare professions to access clinical data and patient health data securely to make informed and efficient decisions for operational excellence and better patient care. Our platform ensure system availability & securing, any software and 3rd party applications that are deployed widely within the healthcare industry.