Management DNS

DNS Management

A next-generation, API-driven Authoritative DNS solution for Fast, Reliable and Secure DNS.
Cloud-Based Authoritative DNS Management

Powered by Bluella’s Anycast cloud global infrastructure, for maximum DNS speed and DNS redundancy. Our cloud-based Managed DNS Service provides a 100 per cent Uptime for DNS resolution. Web-based Control Panel, streamline management to keep your organisation’s website(s) and other Internet assets always connected to the world. Partnered with the most reliable data providers in the industry, our DNS servers are monitored 24/7 at world class facilities. Bluella Managed DNS service helps you decreasing the costs associated with premise-based DNS management; lowering your company’s total cost of ownership.

Cloud-Based Authoritative DNS Management
Why Use Managed Enterprise DNS Services

Why Use Managed Enterprise DNS Services ?

Hosting DNS at your hosting provider or domain registrar, might be convenient and free. But the impact can be disastrous. These providers only tend to include basic DNS functionality, capable of only resolving very basic DNS request with no added security and performance included. Research has shown that outsourcing DNS services to third party dedicated DNS provider, increases performance and uptime of your domains.

Benefits of Bluella Managed DNS Service

Consistent Performance Authoritative DNS Icon

Consistent Performance Authoritative DNS

Our robust intelligent network is powered to propagate DNS changes faster, resolving DNS queries at lightning - fast on our globally distributed network. Localized server reduncancy & scalability, improving performance.
100 % Uptime for DNS resolution Icon

100 % Uptime for DNS resolution

Bluella cloud - based managed Authoritative DNS service is built on high performance network architecture, increases operational uptime. Our services are most reliable and has proven providing 100 per cent Uptime for DNS resolution since Inception.
Built-In DNS Security Icon

Built-In DNS Security

Brutally - tested reliability with security. Our global network and service providers are strategically located accross multiple continents, leverages ultimate internet transit resiliency. The network has built - in support for active and active failover to ensure service continuity in the event of failure/hardship.
ASN Network Steering Icon

ASN Network Steering

Bluella's performance based traffic management for DNS preference using global ASN propogation, delivers intelligent DNS resolution response. Built on hybrid environments, powers to manage connectivity of your internet property accross the Global.
DDoS Protection & Resilience Icon

DDoS Protection & Resilience

Bluella DDoS mitigating services are smart enough to block such attacks resulting your brand protection - without increasing your resources and help minimize any losses.
Cloud Based - No Hardware Required Icon

Cloud Based - No Hardware Required

With Bluella there are no hardwares required, all your domains can be managed through our user - friendly DNS Management graphical interface. You can manage your DNS from anywhere, no matters where your Internet properties are hosted.

Features of Bluella Managed DNS Service

Everyone’s Internet properties can benefit from Bluella.
Security threat notifications Icon

Security threat notifications

Reputation-based security Icon

Reputation-based security

Spam elimination Icon

Spam elimination

Security event investigation Icon

Security event investigation

Blacklisting (countries or IPs) Icon

Blacklisting (countries or IPs)

IPv6 SupporT Icon

IPv6 Support

Login Protect Icon

Login Protect

Web Firewall Icon

Web Firewall

Backdoor Protection Icon

Backdoor Protection

SSL Support Icon

SSL Support

Custom SSL Certificate Icon

Custom SSL Certificate

Global CDN icon

Global CDN

Website Analytics Icon

Website Analytics

DDoS Protection Icon

DDoS Protection

DNS DDoS protection icon

DNS DDoS protection

Single IPaddress protection icon

Single IP address protection

Load Balancing Icon

Load Balancing

Real-Time Monitoring Icon

Real-Time Monitoring

Custom Branding Icon

Custom Branding

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Multiple Account Users

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Account Management

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Bluella global Authoritative DNS Infrastructure leverage consistent Performance & 100 % Uptime for DNS resolution.