Enterprise And Cloud Applications

Enterprise And Cloud Applications

Accelerate your business to a more agile, innovative organization with Bluella.

Create new revenue streams, improve operational efficiency, and reduce business risks by choosing our expertise from one of the most secure computing environments and broad functionality. With our expert resources, we help you migrate and manage enterprise data with security, reliability, high availability, and fully managed data services.

With our total team experience with more than a million customers, we at Bluella can help you build new and innovative products and services that would help you stay ahead of the ever-evolving business curves.

Turn your dreams into reality

Our Enterprise Cloud Application Industries

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Whether it is your retail value chain or store operations, merchandising, customer acquisition and retention, we provide efficient and agile services across all of them.
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Financial services

We help you mitigate risks, make timely decisions, and stay relevant in the dynamic financial market while maintaining compliance.
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Healthcare & Life Sciences

Get automated analytics tools for advanced healthcare options and IT applications that support healthcare management systems along with a personalized patient experience and modern research and development.
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Media & Entertainment

Churn unique and innovative content regularly with streamlined workflows. Launch new digital services with just a click and transform the way your audience experiences your content.
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We help you in engaging a large player base worldwide. We also help empower your game developers with noOps infrastructure and real-time data insights.
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We build Efficient Product Lifecycle management for smart manufacturing decisions, build intelligent ecosystems, and focus on the quality of product. We also empower a smart enterprise and supply chain system, with upgraded existing manufacturing systems, drive revenue growth, operational excellence, and innovation striving for continuous business innovation.
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Get The Perfect Fit For Your Business With Bluella

Ease your transition to the cloud with our industry-grade services and products. Get increased agility and innovation as per your requirements, something which you cannot achieve easily with on-premises software and legacy IT environments. You can now host sensitive or critical data in compliance with the very strictest regulations with us. Read on to know more why Bluella is the smart decision for your Business for your Cloud Application needs.
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Manage your data residency and sovereignty requirements with us safely. We provide isolation of your cloud servers that comply with the most stringent privacy requirements in order to safeguard your sensitive data in cloud environments.
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Predict costs and optimise your cloud budget to track your data usage with our consumption-based approach.
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Secure your data and applications with Bluella as we adhere to the latest security policies leaving you with resources to focus on your core business. We also offer strict confidentiality for customer data.
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Get high-performance dedicated resources at your demand, at competitive pricing. We understand that your requirements change over time, and so we provide the flexibility to easily add or remove computing capacity and storage without compromising on performance.
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Secure Isolation

Build a highly available infrastructure across multiple host clusters. They assist in replicating your data across data centres, high-capacity private networks, isolation rules and strict redundancy.