The Best of Both Worlds, PaaS and IaaS with OVHCloud Partner
Bluella assists in fast, secure and private connections along with OVHcloud as our partner. With our Software Defined Network, we provide direct access to OVHcloud infrastructure. Equipped by hundreds of OVHcloud Megaports-enabled locations with over 50 of OVHcloud Points-of-Presence (PoPs), you can connect easily across the globe from North America, Europe and Asia.
Create Virtual Cross Connect (VXC) from an MCR to OVHcloud Connect with OVHcloud in the Megaport Portal. You can also create additional VXCs with other Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) for multi cloud access from MCR.
You can avail the following benefits with the alliance of OVHcloud and Bluella:
Connect securely and privately across Megaport’s redundant network infrastructure. We ensure that your traffic does not cross over to the public internet.
Get high performance and predictability of your network.
Get modernised and improved data along with operational security.
Get flexible and scalable cloud networking options.
Get consistent connectivity scaling bandwidth to OVHcloud Connect. Experience zero downtime when you change your VXC speed.
Connect across multiple geographies from a single interconnection point that leverages multi-region redundancy at just a fraction of your budget.
At Bluella, we believe in providing the next generation of cloud solutions, where data owners are in control of when and where their data are stored.

Easy and safe

Manage your cloud services easily with Bluella. Get security, maintenance and updates support from OVHcloud.

Multi-region Support

We have worldwide data center locations that help you choose where and how to store your data safely and with regard to local legislations.


With OVHCloud as our partners, we offer a broad range of solutions for your business. With its affordable and predictive pricing, we make technology accessible to all


We are committed towards open interoperability and commitment to open technology and platforms thus giving your business more flexibility in your operations.