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- Optimize the user experience whatever device a visitor is surfing from.
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Bluella Website Performance & Optimization

Bluella website optimization solution goes beyond moving static files closer to visitors, to optimize the end user experience on your website, app or application. Capabilities include caching, minification of contents and scripts, dynamic file compression, image compression, network protocol optimization, connection pre-pooling and session reuse.

Why Use Bluella Optimization Solutions ?

Bluella has developed effective methodologies to optimize your web content. Resulting in faster loading of the web page. Bluella advance traffic management automatically detect the pages most visited by the visitor during a session and reuses the session from the traffic patterns, optimizing the end user experience on your website.

Website Optimization Features

  • Bluella Web Services

    Automatic Content Caching

    Built to automatically cache static content of your website, including JavaScript, style assets CSS and Images.

  • Bluella Web Services

    Cache Header Optimization

    Minimizes the need for new requests to the server, automatically cache header tags so that browsers caches web resources correctly.

  • Bluella Web Services

    Local Storage Caching

    Leverages the capabilities of your local storage on web browsers or surface devices, effectively cache the web content to render best performance of your website.

  • Bluella Web Services

    Dynamic File Compression

    Built to automatically compress static contents of your website, including HTML, JavaScript, style assets CSS and Images. Accelerating page load time without reconfiguring server.

  • Bluella Web Services

    Image Compression

    Bluella balance the image quality allowing for quicker page load times, enhancing performance.

  • Bluella Web Services

    AutoMinify & Purging

    Reduces file's size by removing unnecessary characters from JavaScript, CSS and HTML files, without changing its function.

  • Bluella Web Services

    HTTP/2 Protocol

    Bluella supports the latest version of HTTP requests, speeds up the delivery of web content with header compression, caching, prioritizing and more.

  • Bluella Web Services

    Automatic TLS/HTTPS Rewrites

    Powered to reduce security latency and dynamically rewrites insecure URLs from known hosts. Also removes TLS insecure features making HTTPS more secure, enhancing performance and security.

  • Bluella Web Services

    Browser Optimization

    Bluella automatically adjust web content on particular browser or devices to maximize speed without affecting website look and features.

  • Bluella Web Services

    TCP Connection Pre-Pooling

    Automatically remain available in stand-by mode by opening new TCP connection simultaneously on the first HTTP request, contributes to reduce website latency.

  • Bluella Web Services

    Immediate Encryption

    Bluella empower the benefits to HTTP-only domains, by providing encryption and optimization features when using TLS.

  • Bluella Web Services

    Session Optimization

    Keep persistent keep-alive connections between origin server and visitor. Maintains secure open connections for a short period of time between sessions.