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Bluella Web Services - Cloud Platform

Being a core dedicated DNS provider, Bluella also has a set of team specialized in all aspect of Custom Project Development and Website designing, from small to enterprise scale industries. We help you provide influential sites in the market with informative, engaging content that offers value to readers and hosts while helping increase your website’s visibility. We maintain the highest quality of any project development and help to deploy / host on our robust infrastructure.

Why Use Bluella Web Services ?

Bluella provides a vast portfolio of services like Enterprise ready managed DNS, Security, Analytics, Integrations, Mobility, Offshore Development and Cloud Hosting with strong Content Delivery Network catering to all sizes of business models. Bluella is handed with the latest tools and technologies to transform your Business and bring in new opportunities to grow and make profit.

Web Services Features

  • Bluella Web Services

    Domain Name Registration

    Get your own personalized or corporate domain name, like www.your-organization-name.com. Includes all Top Level Domains, like .com, .in, .us, .net, etc. Also get our free blazing fast DNS dashboard.

  • Bluella Web Services

    Personalized Secure Emails

    Get your own personalized or corporate domain level email address. Email address like your_name@yourdomainname.com or your_name@your_organization_name.com. Secured SSL/TLS level encryption security added. Ensure faster delivery of emails.

  • Bluella Web Services

    Custom Website Designing

    Launch your website with a stunning design that reflects your business’s culture and goals. Our highly skilled designers/digital artists will create an attractive website design for your business.

  • Bluella Web Services

    Search Engine Optimization

    Get TOP ranked in search engines databases. Global Keywords analysis, helps your website enhance global ranking. Get free SEO Technical Audit Report.

  • Bluella Web Services

    Social Media Marketing

    Attract more visitors via Social Media, increases revenue. Free integration to major Social Media platforms.

  • Bluella Web Services

    Digital Advertising

    Our digital advertising department can develop relevant campaigns that efficiently spend your budget to drive traffic to on your site.

  • Bluella Web Services

    Marketing Cloud

    Marketing Cloud lets you effectively engage with your customers. Advance analytics for personalized interactions. Wide cloud network to target prospective customers, automates feedback management.

  • Bluella Web Services


    Advance insights report collection from your website, cloud based data storage and DNS level site logs. Helps turn your leads to business.

  • Bluella Web Services

    Secure Cloud Hosting

    Host your web based application, website or any Internet property on our robust secure Cloud Infrastructure. Get 100% Uptime with lightning fast speed. HIPAA complaint Network and Security. Free Trail for 30 days.