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Bluella's Security Services

Specifically architected to soak up and mitigate online threats, ranges from spamming, ample bot crawling, malicious attack, DNS poisoning and several denial of service (DOS) attacks. Bluella's security services ensures high performance of your internet properties. The network resilience is powered by network leaders accross the globe, providing safe and secure DNS.

Why Bluella's Security Services ?

Powered by multi-tier network with multiple point of presence (POP) at various locations for optimized security and lightning - fast performance. Bluella's security services operate at robust architecture, making it possible to faster identify and mitigate cyber threats ensuring superior DNS security, performance and availability across the world. Built in DDoS mitigating at not extra cost.

Bluella's Security Services Features

  • Bluella Security

    DDoS Protection

    Powered to identify, mitigate and protect your online business from all types of DDoS attacks. Reduces downtime, resulting your brand protection.

  • Bluella Security

    Web Application Firewall

    Cloud-based Web Application Firewall (WAF) protects your websites and applications against SQL injection, excessive bot crawling and other top OWASP threats.

  • Bluella Security

    Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

    SSL, critical step towards encrypting web traffic as much as possible, to prevent data tampering. Bluella supports every internet property to be served over HTTPS.

  • Bluella Security

    Website Protection

    Our filtering mechanism, filters malicious web traffic for websites and IP addresses. Entire network is built to block everything from spamming attempts to database injection attacks.

  • Bluella Security

    Name Server Protection

    Bluella DNS server, the first destination for all DNS queries, acts as a secure proxy to prevent illegal DNS queries reaching your server. This accelerates performance and lessens the DNS response time.

  • Bluella Security

    Active Failover

    Our intelligent network is built-in to maintains the higest level of availability for your internet properties / websites. During an event of failover, traffic is instantly rerouted to backup site.