Load balancing

Load Balancing

- Intelligient traffic steering, makes the fastest load times.
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Bluella Load Balancing

Operates at the core DNS-level on Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure to avoide outages. Bluella global Load balancing when used as reverse proxy, DNS propogation is much faster and can avoid wait time for public TTLs to expire. Thus allowing quick delivery of static contents, and reduce network latency for dynamic contents by keeping visitors close to your infastructure. Bluella's Load Balancing provides load balancing on geo-steering network enhancing service availability of your online properties.

Why Use Bluella Load Balancing Services ?

Based upon the results on various researches, it has been seen that over-utilized and geographically unmatched distant servers add unnecessary network latency, degrading visitor's experience. Also, in many cases, misconfigured or unreliable servers becomes unresponsive or drops visitor requests, preventing access to you internet properties. Poor visitor experiences directly impact reputation, revenue, engagement and loyalty. Expanding your internet properties on Bluella’s always available global Anycast network, addresses these issues. Bluella Load Balancing is powered by Multi-cloud hybrid architecture to avoid outages and failover.

Benefits of Bluella Load Balancing

  • Bluella-Load Balancing

    Multi-cloud and Hybrid Cloud Support

    Designed to support multiple cloud providers infrastructure that helps minimizing and mitigating the possibility of network disruption to services caused by a single server or provider.

  • Bluella-Load Balancing

    Health checks with fast failover

    Monitoring and health checks for your Internet properties ensuring fast failover and directing your visitors away from failures. Enhancing service availability, brand protection and gain revenues.

  • Bluella-Load Balancing

    Geographically distributed load balancing

    Bluella load balancing automatically reduces network latency by routing visitors to servers closest to them. Providing marvelous experience to your visitors.

  • Bluella-Load Balancing

    Supports any protocol

    Bluella load balancing is supported across the protocols ranging from HTTP(S) to TCP and UDP. This supports the usages with existing services and reduces any additional resource investment.

  • Bluella-Load Balancing

    Simple Configuration

    Bluella load balancing is easy to configure across network according to the need, already powered to function self and enabled for automation.

  • Bluella-Load Balancing

    Threat Resilience Service

    Bluella global network is powered by service providers, most reliable and market leaders. Results in mitigating threats and DDos attacks, ensures continues traffic routed even under any disturbance.