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- Analytics tools to measure your website statistics, helps improve engagement.
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Bluella Analytics Platform

Being a dedicated DNS provider all the Internet requests run through Bluella's global network, giving us fantastic insight from our customers' web traffic. Our advance intelligent network capture all requests made to a website or app, regardless of any enabled scripts. This helps us to provide powerful and actionable analytics solutions to our customers. Bluella Analytics solutions offer free and enterprise analytics tools to measure website traffic.

Why Use Bluella Analytics Solutions ?

In the production, you will want to be able to see or monitor your website performance: BluellaDNS can perform a configurable amount of operational logging. This helps us to provide a powerful analytics tool that provides most accurate and reliable data from your web traffic. Customers can monitor threats and bot crawlers' activity. Bluella Analytics solutions improve engagement data, helps organization to make marketing decisions.

Features of Bluella Analytics Dashboard

  • Bluella-Analytic

    DNS Analytics

    Provides insight to DNS queries. Visualize & filter data using variety of units and dimensions. See DNS related data like, Queries for existing and no-existing records, UDP Queries, Server Geo-IP locations, DNS corrupt packets received, Authoritative queries. View traffic by DNS record for a specific domain.

  • Bluella-Analytic

    Media Analytics

    Get insights into how your visitor watches your images, videos or listens to your audio. Helps grow your business with advance analytics data.

  • Bluella-Analytic

    SSL Analytics

    SSL Analytics, detect the traffic served over HTTPS request. Helps to analysis and improve your website security.

  • Bluella-Analytic

    Activity Log

    Gives you detailed and consolidated logs from around the globe, contain detailed information about every request & response. Help to audit visitor activities.

  • Bluella-Analytic

    Real Time / Live Tab

    Bluella analytics solutions keep an eye on the number of live visitors on your website. It displays the number of real-time visitors for real-time insights.

  • Bluella-Analytic

    Bandwidth Monitor

    Monitor Bandwidth for each hosting server(s), and measure overall traffic in memory units. Help to control and detect bad traffic, customize your application or server rule sets to optimize performance and security.

  • Bluella-Analytic

    White Label

    White Label gives analytics reports of the wanted and un-wanted visitors from across the world, so you know they are visiting your website.

  • Bluella-Analytic

    Bot Tracker

    Bluella analytics tools make it easy for you to see which bot or search engine crawlers your website. Our smart filtering mechanisms track the bots and spiders without counting them in the human visit log. Also gives insight to see the bandwidth consumption of these bots and search engines.

  • Bluella-Analytic

    Threats Monitor

    The threats monitor tab shows the suspicious visitors by origin country, remote IP address, type and severity. Ability to add exception based upon IP ranges and locations, country wise.

  • Bluella-Analytic

    Visitor Counter

    Bluella analytics gives insight of the geographical location of your visitors, so you can see which countries your visitors are coming from.

  • Bluella-Analytic


    Gain insights to your website visitors, by detecting the visit platforms like devices, software’s, web browsers, geographical locations, locales, hostname, ISPs' and ASN numbers.

  • Bluella-Analytic

    Integration With Third Party Analytics

    Bluella Analytics platform can be integrated with most of the popular analytics programs available in the market. The insight obtains are most accurate and reliable, supported on any other analytics programs.