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This page provides answers to most common questions asked about Bluella Free DNS Management.

How long does it take for a DNS change I made to push out?

Bluella DNS Automatic TTL is set to 360 seconds (6 minutes), so any updates or additions you make to your Bluella DNS zone file will push out in 6 minutes or less. Please note that your local DNS cache may take longer to update that propagation over to Internet.

How to fix "NXDOMAIN" error?

This type of error occurs when naked domain or (sub)domain is not mapped with a valid IP address or CNAME. This is essentially a DNS problem that can be caused by:

Adding a valid IP address to your naked domain like A 888.999.777.777 or CNAME will help resolve the error.

How do I change my domain nameservers?

Determine your domain registrar and login to your registrar account. If not sure who your registrar is then click here.

Update to nameservers : | |

Below is a list of links to popular registrar knowledge base articles, please reach out to your registrar if you have any questions:

Does Bluella Free DNS services support DNSSEC?

Yes. Bluella Free DNS services supports DNSSEC for all websites.

How does Bluella DNS Management works?

Bluella DNS servers store information about zones, when Bluella DNS server receives a DNS query, it attempts to locate the requested information by retrieving data from its local zones. Once your website is hosted with Bluelle DNS, its web traffic is routed through our advance intelligent global network.

Website hosted with Bluella DNS, see a significant improvement in performance and a decrease in spam and other attacks.

Does Bluella DNS portal supports Multi-User administration?

Yes. Administrators in a Multi-User account can delegate access to other members, so that not every member can see and change every Bluella DNS setting.

In BluellaDNS Management tool, click User administration from the vertical or horizontal menu.

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